segunda-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2010

Our Goal - Part I

Jack Horner - You gotta get the people in the theater, you know, you need the big dicks, the big tits.
Amber Waves - Oh, oh, here we go…
Jack Horner - How do you keep them in the theater after they´ve come? With Beauty, and with Acting. No, I understand, you´ve got to get them in the theater, you´ve got to keep the seats full. But I don´t want to make a film where they show up, they sit down, they jerk off, and they get up, and they get out before the story end. It is my dream, it is my idea, it is my goal to make a film that the story just sucks them in, and when they spur out that joy juice, they just got to sit in it, they can´t move untill they find out how the story ends. And I understand, you know, they have to make films, I´ve made them myself, you know, that are a few laughs, everybody fucks their brains out, and that´s fine. But is my dream to make a film that is true, and right, and dramatic.
Boogie Nights

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