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About Han Shot First: the Wikipedia Version

Han shot first is a phrase in Star Wars fandom that refers to a controversial change made to a scene in Episode IV: A New Hope. The scene involves the characters Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Greedo at the Mos Eisley Cantina, where Greedo has come to collect the bounty on Solo. Solo and Greedo are sitting opposite each other at a table, Greedo keeps his blaster aimed at Solo. During their conversation Solo sneakily moves his hand under the table to his own blaster.
In the original theatrical version of the film, Solo shoots Greedo from under the table. Greedo dies without firing a shot. In the 1997 Special Edition version, the scene was altered so that Greedo shoots at Solo but misses (at point-blank range), followed by the original Solo shot (which now seems to be in retaliation). Thus, the phrase "Han shot first" is a retort to director George Lucas' explicit assertion that "Greedo shot first".
George Lucas explained the change by stating that he wanted to make clear to children that Han had "no choice" but to shoot Greedo. This justification was unsatisfactory to many long-time and adult fans of the series. The ire of some fans led to an online petition demanding that the changes be retracted. The primary objection to the revision is that it alters Han's initially morally ambiguous character, making his later transition from anti-hero to hero less meaningful; others claim that shooting Greedo was justified for itself, since Solo was likely to be killed by Greedo or Jabba the Hutt. The plausibility of Greedo missing from such a short distance is also considered questionable, and criticized as being depicted in an awkwardly facile manner.
In the 2004 DVD release, the disputed scene was altered again. In this version, Greedo still shoots before Solo does, and he still misses at point-blank range, but the timing is altered (so the shots are fired at almost the same time) and Solo "dodges" the shot (by digitally leaning him to the side).

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